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My now 9 year old daughter’s anxiety escalated to the point that she would not go out after dark and would physically make herself ill because of her fears.  A neighbor gave me Karen’s card and let me know how much Karen has helped other children with their anxieties through play therapy.  I was searching and searching for someone to help my sweet girl and Karen came along at the perfect time.  Karen has helped tremendously by giving my daughter strategies to cope with her fears that work.  She is able to manage her anxieties and enjoy things that other children find easy and natural to do.  Karen is always available to talk whenever needed and she has worked with my daughter’s teachers and school personnel so that we are all on the same team working together to help.  I highly recommend Karen for her truly caring nature, extreme interest in helping children and families and above and beyond compassion for her true expertise.- Nadine Y, Jackson
My son had Karen as a therapist for over a year. He has Asperger’s Syndrome and was having a tough time with social situations. Through her use of play therapy, my son was able to understand social cues and deal with some of his anxiety issues that were part of his daily school life.- Maria G, Neptune
My daughter has had Karen for a therapist for over two years now. We came to Ms. Karen in the beginning for her to learn how to listen and follow directions in school. Since that time, my daughter has been diagnosed with impulsive ADHD. She was having a difficult time controlling her emotions and playing cooperatively with her friends. Through play therapy she has learned the tools to be successful in school and with her friends. Some days are a challenge but we are so happy that we have Ms. Karen to help when times are tough. -Kelly E, Shark River Hills
My son has been coming to Miss Karen for two years. He has Asperger’s Syndrome and needed some coping skills to handle situations that upset him. Through play therapy, Miss Karen has modeled so many social situations specific to his needs, from appropriate reactions to losing games to letting friends choose what to play. As an educator, I truly appreciate the fun way she has helped my son, and as a mom, I’m so proud of his growth!- Denise M, Howell
My daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease several years ago and suffered from low self esteem and anxiety. Adolescence brought destructive behaviors and feelings of low self-worth as well as troubled peer relationships. My daughter has seen Karen now for a couple of months for hypnotherapy. Karen got to know my daughter and came up with a very personalized treatment plan. She treats my daughter with warmth and respect. My daughter actually looks forward to therapy! She has become more aware of why and when bad behaviors are happening and she really wants to stop them. She has come farther in two months than in the last four years of treatment. Karen is a huge part of my daughter’s health and support team. – Laura W, Manasquan
My son has been working with Karen for over a year now. We looked into play therapy for him because he was 3 years old and that is the best way to express yourself at that age. He had a terrible experience at a daycare that led to anxiety issues both physically and mentally. Additionally he had acquired some frustration, which he did not know how to deal with, along the way. My son is a completely different child compared to where he was the day we walked through Miss Karen’s door. He considers her a friend and we will continue to “play” with her as long as he likes. I cannot say enough about how grateful we are that she helped my little guy. Her work with him has not only improved his relationships at home and school, but he is learning skills that he can carry with him into adulthood. -Kathryn C, Hazlet
My daughter’s anxiety was interfering with her ability to socialize and succeed in school. Karen has given her strategies that work! Thanks to Calm4Kids, my daughter is developing the tools she needs to manage her anxiety and be able to enjoy her friends and her classes at school. We have seen an immediate improvement! – Eileen F, Avon 
Karen is excellent with children and provides age-appropriate, practical strategies to help them cope with their emotions. She helped my daughter through a very hard time in our family – Regina K, Sea Bright
I have had the opportunity to work closely with this therapist the last 8 years in the school setting. She is absolutely phenomenal with helping my kindergarten students with self calming techniques, social skills and life skills. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the area! – Danielle O, Avon
Karen is one of the most compassionate and intelligent therapists I have ever worked with; she has been a true mentor to me. She is going to work above and beyond to make sure your child and your family get the help that they need. – Rachel D, Rumson
I have had the great pleasure and privilege to work with this fine upstanding therapist. Her methods are kind, caring and, above all, all about the particular child and their specific needs. She has a great knack of tuning in and making children feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her services, even to adults! – Sandy T. Shark River Hills
Karen is so patient and kind. My daughter, now 13, has never liked any of her past therapists. She looks forward to her meetings with Karen and talks about her all the time. Karen is thoughtful, emails and texts on birthdays or before important events with words of encouragement. I highly recommend her. – Amy D, Neptune
I am so glad to have Calm4Kids Therapy in my son’s life. It is a great place that is comforting and cozy. He is provided with techniques that help him get thought his anxiety. I have seen a big difference in his life since going to Calm4Kids. Thank you so much for the support and guidance you have given my child.-  Jaime M, Ocean Twp
A couple years ago our daughter had a short stay in the hospital.  While she was there she suffered a major panic attack.  This one panic attack led to major anxiety along with many more severe panic attacks.  Feeling helpless I searched the internet for help.  One day I came across Karen’s website.  My husband and I along with our daughter decided to meet with Karen and discuss options.  I will admit during our first appointment we discussed hypnosis and this was a bit scary for us not knowing anything about it.  Karen took her time to discuss everything and our daughter was all for it.  This was the best thing that has ever happened to her.  Within the past year Karen has taught our daughter many techniques to deal with her anxiety and panic attacks.  She has done hypnosis as well as chakra balancing, intentions to the universe, visualization and affirmations.  Our daughter uses many of these techniques at home as well as during stressful situations.  Karen has also taught our daughter the technique of tapping. Our journey with Karen has been amazing and helpful for our whole family.  We would surely recommend Karen as a hypnotherapist as well as for all of her talents with helping our daughter and family through our journey.-Karen, Howell, NJ