Stress Relief

Don’t let stress overwhelm you. With practice you can “bring yourself to calm” and handle the hurdles you encounter throughout your day.  Here are some quick and easy strategies to try.

  • Take a “belly breath”. Breathe in slowly and deeply to a 4 count, pause for a 4 count then breathe out slowly to an 8 count. Do this 3 times and you will feel much calmer!
  • Try a “lion’s breath”. Breathe in the same way as a belly breath but on the out breath allow yourself to ROAR and release negative energy.
  • Take a “60 second vacation”. Close your eyes and let your mind drift away to a place, real or imagined, that is soothing. Explore this place with your senses as you  breathe deeply and allow your body to relax.
  • Try rocking yourself back and forth gently in your seat, moving only from your hips. Close your eyes and breathe as you “tick tock” yourself to calm.
  • Get up and move. Shake your arms, legs, and hips for 30 seconds. You can’t feel stressed when you are doing “the jelly!”
  • “Blow bubbles”. When tension strikes pull a bottle of bubbles from your desk, dip the wand in the soap and blow your stress away!
  • “Hug a bear”.  I keep a big stuffed bear in my office who offers the best hugs. If you don’t have a stuffed bear hug your dog, cat, blanket or anything soft.
  • Make a “gratitude list”. Look around and find 3 things that you can feel grateful for. Don’t focus on the big things (family, friends, health etc.) Focus on the small things that are going right or make you feel happy. This can quickly change a negative focus to one that is positive!