Flood the Jersey Shore with Kindness!

floodtheshoreWhile working as a School Counselor, I always looked for engaging projects to challenge my students to inspire empathy and kindness toward others.

One day I received a book titled, Bogart Begins His Kindness Adventure, written by Bob Votruba, creator of the “One Million Acts of Kindness” project.

With the book came a challenge to track 1,000,000 acts of kindness in the school setting over the course of a year.

Considering the size of the school I worked at (approximately 150 students in a K-8 school), I shifted the goal slightly, challenging my students to achieve 10,000 acts of kindness.

This took us 3 years,  but we did it!


I was amazed by the commitment of the students and reveled in their pride and excitement when we reached our goal.

Better yet, along the way a culture of kindness had begun to take hold!

Now, as owner of  Calm4Kids Therapy Center, I am excited to work in conjunction with Shore Points Mom to introduce our Flood the Jersey Shore with Kindness project. 

We wonder what would happen if we started sharing acts of kindness on social media the way that we share other aspects of our life?
How would it affect our friends, our neighbors, and our community?
The Flood the Jersey Shore with Kindness Movement wants to find out.

The beauty of this movement lies in it’s simplicity. All you need to do is perform an act of kindness and share it on our Flood the Jersey Shore with Kindness Facebook Page. You can also share it on Instagram using the hashtag #floodtheshorewithkindness.

That’s it.

We are visual beings, so include a picture if you can. Not on social media? You can also email a brief description of your act of kindness to us and we will post it for you! Send to jacqueline@shorepointsmom.com or calm4kidsnj@gmail.com

For more information check out Shore Points Mom where you will also find some fun resources to help you on your kindness journey!

It is SO easy to be kind. And kindness is contagious. Give it a try!

Karen, Calm4Kids
Jackie, Shore Points Mom

Thanks for participating!

Jackie (Shore Points Mom) and Karen (Calm4Kids)

Special note: To celebrate this launch, for every new pledge, a donation will be made to Ocean of Love, a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to helping Ocean County children with cancer and their families. Their purpose is to assist the children through their illness. They provide financial and emotional support so that they can experience the “normal” joys of childhood, knowing their lives are significant and meaningful to each and every one of us.